September 3, 2016

Phytochemicals are various biologically active compounds found in plants. Phytochemicals are associated with the colour pigment of the plant and each phytochemical has been researched to have different health benefits.  Organically grown plants tend to have higher levels of these health giving substances in them, due to the plants needing to fend for itself, rather than rely on a pesticide to deter different predators, or artificial fertilizers to feed it.  As a result to these stressors; the plant exerts an antioxidant defence mechanism, in the form of a phytochemical.

Research has linked  diets low in phytochemicals to obesity

More than half of the population is deficient in phytonutrients.  Research shows that we require at 9-15 serves of phytonutrient rich foods, in order to experience maximum health benefits.

Red Foods:

Red pigmented foods are rich in the phytochemicals lycopene, anthocyanins and astaxanthin.  These phytochemicals are related to the following health benefits...

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